IMC Holding is an industry leader in CRM and strategic loyalty solutions with state of the art facilities and technologies catering to the Middle East market. IMC is growing rapidly through its very focused approach on integrated marketing strategies with three strategic business units, Loyalty marketing, Direct marketing and Research & market intelligence.

International Motoring Club, Freedom to move, is an independent member of IMC Holding.

IMC is a premier motoring club offering wide variety of professional and value added services to its members, established as the market leader in providing professional Emergency Roadside Assistance to its members across UAE, Oman & Qatar.

We serve over 200,000 members with recovery service and customer loyalty initiatives with variety of automobile, travel, insurance and health care solutions.



Our services are offered through IMC Privileged Membership cards to increase customer loyalty and create lasting client relationships with the customer base.

With our centralized call centre which operates 24 hours, round a clock, your customers are just a call away from our professional rescue team.

  • Free Emergency Roadside Assistance across UAE, Oman & Qatar – 24 hours round a clock
  • Free Rent a Car for 24 HRS in conjunction with an accident
  • Free Car Registration
  • Free auto dealer service vehicle pick & drop off service
  • Centralized call centre with multilingual staff (Arabic/English/Hindi)
  • Dedicated Toll free service with personalized greeting


Discount Program

A new shopping experience!

An exclusive discount and special offer designed to target different customer segments across the market like - Restaurants, Retail, Leisure, Education, Health Care, Beauty & Spa’s, and Travel Providers.


IMC Travel Desk

The Travel Desk operates on a dedicated number with direct access to your customers and personalized greeting of your organization like - discounted sales, free ticket delivery, chauffer services and lounge access.


Conceirge services

Entertainment services

  • Organizing personal party or theme events
  • All kinds of tour activities.

Leisure & Lifestyle

  • Golf tutorials
  • Skiing tutorials
  • One-on-one life coaching sessions

Personal services

  • Hotel bookings
  • Restaurant bookings
  • Spa & Saloon bookings

Healthcare & Medical services

  • Medical health check up
  • Doctor appointments and speciality information desk
  • Medicine delivery 24/7 service
  • Emergency Ambulance service

Diners Choice is a customized booklet for dining in more than 500 outlets across the middle east.

Market Research & Intelligence

  • The-brand is a research focused organization which helps our clients to understand their customer behaviors and perceptions, Our services include
  • Market research
  • Product feasibility studies
  • Customer behavior analysis
  • Mystery shopping - Service benchmark & analysis
  • Direct marketing campaigns
  • Customer satisfaction surveys (CSI)


Customer Care Hotline

  • IMC operates a 24 hour call centre for their members
  • Multilingual customer service agents will provide service in English, Arabic & Hindi, 24 hours round a clock.